Charitable & Other Non-Profit Organizations

Donahue, Tucker & Ciandella has provided legal services to non-profit organizations for over twenty-five (25) years, and we consider it a cornerstone of our practice. Our clients include long-standing charitable trusts and foundations, churches, non-profit community and educational groups, a charitable hospital, a large continuing care retirement community (CCRC), the local land trust and many other groups that qualify as tax exempt under Internal Revenue Code, Section 501(c)(3).

We also provide legal advice to other non-profit organizations, such as social welfare organizations (Section 501(c)(4)), business leagues and chambers of commerce (Section 501(c)(6)), non-profit social organizations (Section 501(c)(7)), ) and cemetery associations (Section 501(c)(13)).

We pride ourselves in taking the same great care of the newest start-up as we would with the long-term, multi-million dollar client. Our oldest client was incorporated in 1848, and our newest is likely being formed this month.

DTC’s expertise covers the entire life cycle of non-profits. We assist our clients with incorporation or creation of charitable trusts and corporations, filings and dispute resolution with the IRS, the state Attorney General’s Office of Charitable Trusts and Secretaries of State. Because our firm has attorneys with legal expertise in the full range of areas that non-profit organizations may need while they are in operation, including employment and labor law, real estate law, elder law and estate planning and litigation, DTC can provide services to cover the full range of their legal needs. Tough economic times have caused particular hardships for non-profit groups. We are experienced in providing legal advice to help our non-profit clients weather these times, through strategic re-organization, merger with other entities or dissolution and winding up their affairs.

The members of our group bring unique expertise to this practice area. Charlie Tucker has a long-standing relationship as counsel to a number of well-established charities. His breadth of experience assists both those clients that have been in existence for a long time as well as individuals contemplating creating a new non-profit organization. He is recognized as an authority on conservation easements and retirement communities. Kate Miller has worked with a large number of start-up organizations and established non-profit groups and lectured state-wide in recent years on compliance requirements for charities and other non-profits in order to retain their tax exempt status. She also has experience with mergers of large and small charitable organizations. Doug Mansfield, who specializes in labor and employment law and business law and is admitted in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as well as New Hampshire, provides additional depth to our practice group with his expertise. Gretchen Hayes, our experienced Paralegal, assists us with drafting documents for clients and regulatory filings with federal and state agencies. She is also available to assist clients with practical questions.