Land Use and Permitting

The experienced attorneys and paralegals in DTC’s Land Use and Permitting Practice Group recognize that the purchase and permitting of real estate for commercial, industrial, or residential development is a market driven, intricate legal process with a high risk/reward ratio for our clients. We endeavor to provide our clients with practical legal advice grounded in our broad knowledge of all aspects of municipal law, zoning and planning, and the land use boards of our local communities in all parts of New Hampshire. Importantly, we respect the need as much as possible to align and harmonize the permitting strategy with the terms of the business deal for the acquisition of the property. With the extensive experience of our attorneys, in all aspects of land use law and commercial financing and conveyancing, DTC is fully prepared to take a project from conceptual evaluation and due diligence through permitting and financing to the out sale or lease up to end users.  We can also add value to the project by appearing before the appropriate State Agencies and, if necessary, Superior Court and NH Supreme Court to defend a project and maintain a permit.  We enjoy helping our clients and we look forward to the opportunity to discuss your next project with you.