Towns and Cities and the volunteer boards which often form the backbone of such governments are under enormous pressure in this day and age.  They are expected to do much, even in difficult economic times, but to do so with a decreasing amount of help from higher levels of government.  Additionally, they are asked to make decisions on enormously complicated issues with the knowledge that their decisions could be criticized and/or be the subject of litigation.

We help Towns and Cities.  We do so by providing efficient, cost-effective service in order to keep legal budgets reasonable.  Also, while we can not and do not tell Towns and Cities what to decide on policy issues affecting their communities, we can and do provide sound advice on the legal underpinnings of the complicated issues which are put before them.  In doing so, we help to minimize the use of costly litigation, and if litigation does ensue, we assist the town or city in creating a defensible position in court.

DTC stands ready to assist your town or city with the business that all municipalities have:  town meetings, zoning, planning and land use decisions, labor and employment issues and tax abatements.  DTC also has expertise in and can assist with tax increment finance districts, cable franchise renewals, municipal fiber networks, cell tower permit approvals and municipal litigation, including code enforcement work and tax abatement appeals for special use properties such as utility easements.

Our firm ethic promotes participation by our lawyers in the communities in which they live.  Several of our attorneys currently serve as Town Moderators or on School, Planning or Zoning Boards.   By serving as active participants in those communities, our lawyers are better prepared to understand and respond to municipal legal issues.  Donahue, Tucker &; Ciandella, PLLC combines an unyielding dedication to client service with a long commitment to distinguished legal representation.