Attorney Boldt OEP Conference ZBA Presentation Materials

The purpose of this Article is to give you as a volunteer ZBA member a basic overview of the organization, powers, duties and relevant statutory and case law authority to make your service both more enjoyable and productive.  I highly recommend the various materials made available to you through the New Hampshire Office of Energy and Planning, the New Hampshire Local Government Center, and the noted treatises of Portsmouth Attorney Peter Loughlin found in the New Hampshire Practice Guide Series, with Vol. 15 Land Use Planning and Zoning (4th  Ed., 2000; Supp. 2011) (cited hereafter as “Loughlin”) being particularly useful for more in depth discussions on the topics covered by this Article as well as many related topics beyond the scope of this Article.  I strongly suggest that you consult with your municipality’s legal counsel on any specific question you may have as this article is not intended to give you legal advice on any particular set of facts which may be facing you.

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