DTC Lawyers Participate in New Hampshire Bar Association Lawline

The NH Bar Association would like to thank attorneys Robert Derosier, Douglas Mansfield, Eric Maher, Chris Hawkins, Elaina Hoeppner, and William Warren from the law firm of Donahue, Tucker & Ciandella, as well as attorneys Richard Samdperil, Joe Welsh, Keri Welch, Catherine Baumann, and Pamela Kozlowski, for taking part in Lawline on Wednesday, April 14. They fielded more than 50 calls from the public on a variety of legal issues, including family law, probate, landlord/tenant, and criminal law. When asked about why she participates in Lawline, Kozlowski said, “I’ve had the pleasure of participating in Lawline six times over the years and each time I walk away feeling like we’ve collectively delivered a valuable service to self-represented stakeholders in New Hampshire and beyond. In a 10-20 minute call you can hear the caller’s voice transforming from anxious to grounded. And the appreciation they express is not only rewarding it is reminder that this service is desperately needed. As a lawyer I am also grateful to Lawline for providing the means to be able to give back in such a meaningful way.”

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