Mike Donahue Assists Workforce Housing Coalition of the Greater Seacoast Sustainability Effort

Mike Donahue recently served on the Workforce Housing Coalition (WHC) Sustainability Task Force, where, along with other Seacoast Community Leaders, he helped develop recommendations to guide the transition of WHC to a more self- sustaining model, less dependent on grant funding.  Mike took an active role in the Working Group and focused on the potential of generating a revenue stream from the WHC’s existing charrette efforts.  Mike also participated in Task Force meetings and a roundtable listening session with representatives of the major funders of the Greater Seacoast WHC:   the United Way of the Greater Seacoast, New Hampshire Charitable Fund and the New Hampshire Housing Finance Agency. 

DTC has long been a supporter of Workforce Housing efforts throughout the State, sponsoring Forums, engaging in pro bono work for the Greater Seacoast WHC and reduced fee permitting for non-profit projects, while maintaining an active practice supporting the efforts of our for profit developer clients.  DTC is pleased to have represented two of the recent award winners of the Seacoast Workforce Housing Coalition builder’s category for projects completed in Exeter:   New England Workforce Housing, Inc. (Nathan Szanton) and Felder Kuehl Properties, LLC (Bob Felder).