Nantucket Lightship, LV-112 Designated as National Treasure

Attorney Kate Miller and DTC client United States Lightship Museum founder Robert J. Mannino, Jr., celebrated the 4th of July on the deck of the Nantucket Lightship, LV-112, in Boston Harbor.  DTC donated its legal services to the new organization, which has succeeded in restoring the exterior of the ship and finding it a beautiful home at an East Boston Dock.  During the parade of tall ships in Boston, commemorating the War of 1812, Attorney Kate Miller and her family had the perfect vantage point: on the deck of the newly refurbished Nantucket Lightship, LV-112.

DTC is proud to congratulate its client, United States Lightship Museum and its founder, Robert J. Mannino, Jr., on designation of the Nantucket Lightship, LV-112, as a National Treasure by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  The ship is one of the first twenty five national treasures to be selected.  Already designated a national landmark by the U.S. Department of the Interior/National Park Service, the Nantucket Lightship was acquired by the not-for-profit United States Lightship Museum, formed with the assistance of DTC lawyers Kate Miller and Doug Mansfield.

Please refer to the United States Lightship Museum’s website for more information about the programs and the current initiatives restoring the interior of this beautiful and historic ship.

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