Our Mission

For our Clients:

To fulfill the current and anticipate the future legal needs of existing and potential individual, corporate and municipal clients throughout the State of New Hampshire by providing the highest level of professional, customer-driven, efficient, timely and cost-effective legal services, and to achieve results which meet or exceed the expectation of every client.

For our Firm:

To promote a working environment based on diligent teamwork, cooperation, open communication and mutual respect; to reward appropriately for individual and collective excellence; and to foster an enjoyable working environment, where a good sense of humor is the best complement to a strong work ethic.

For our Community:

To engage actively in all the communities in which we live and with whom we interact by providing pro bono assistance to nonprofits, community initiatives and individuals in need; to encourage volunteerism and the participation of all Firm members in community activities, while supporting those activities financially, and, as community leaders, encouraging others to do so.