Principles & Core Values

First Principles/Core Values: these form the glue that holds the Firm together as it grows, decentralizes, and diversifies and are applicable to all lawyers and staff members of the Firm:

A.  How we seek to interact with those outside the Firm:

  1. We are committed to serve the best interests of our clients by providing the highest quality legal advice ethically, cost-efficiently, and pro-actively.
  2. We are committed to serve our communities through our financial support, participation and leadership in both civic activities and charitable endeavors and through providing pro bono legal services to individuals and organizations in need.
  3. We are committed to serve the legal profession through our participation in the New Hampshire and County Bar Associations, their sections, committees, and Continuing Legal Education programs with both our attendance and presentation of scholarly articles and lectures.

B.  How we seek to interact with those inside the Firm:

  1. We are committed to treat each other with integrity, openness, collegiality, and respect so that we practice with and retain caring, thoughtful, productive lawyers and staff.
  2. We are committed to building a financially successful Firm which can only be achieved by each lawyer being not only personally responsible for building a financially successful practice but also personally committed to fostering the financial success of all other members of the Firm.
  3. We are committed to a culture of participation at all levels of the Firm, fostered by open communications with all lawyers and staff to promote the essential functions of the Firm, which include but are not limited to: marketing, training/mentoring younger lawyers and staff; financial/operational committees, practice groups and client teams.
  4. We are committed to managing by Partner consensus on all significant issues, which include financial, hiring and strategic planning decisions.

We believe that our individual and collective prosperity and well-being are the direct result of each lawyer’s and staff member’s commitment to these Firm values.